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Our Fleet

Mercedes S-Class

The S-class is the superclass of Mercedes-Benz, it stands for luxury sedans and coupes. The introduction of the 116 series in 1972 marked the first time someone ever mentioned the "S-Class" (Special Class). The S-Class is the preferred model for upscale events, mainly because of its elegant appearance.

We only use models from the 221 series, which are among the safest, most modern and beautiful limousines.

limousines service in salzburg limousinen service in salzburg S-Klasse 03 S-Klasse 04

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Our S-Class sedan in front of the Arenberg Castle (originally Bürglstein castle) on the right bank of the Salzach, Salzburg City

Mercedes E-Class

Similarly to the S-Class the E-Class (the "e" stands for executive) offers comfort and safety. The production of the current 212 series started in 2009 at the Sindelfingen plant. The E-class is especially lauded in the business world because this car has a modern and stylish appearance.

Perfect design in form!

E-Klasse 01 E-Klasse 03 limousinen service in salzburg

Our E-Class sedan in downtown Salzburg

Mercedes Viano

Our Mercedes Viano offers the highest komfort for its passengers at short as well at long distances.

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Our Mercedes Viano in front of the Arenberg Castle

Mercedes Vito

The Vito is a reliable van for all situations. He won prizes and awards including:
Van of the Year: 2005
KEP Van of the Year: 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
NFZ Prize of the German Trade: 2004, 2006
Arctic Van Test: 2007, 2008

We and our customers prefer the Mercedes Vito, especially for group travel and transport of several people who would rather not sit in separate vehicles.

Vito 01 Vito 03

Our Mercedes Vito in front of the Basilica and St. Michael Parish Church in Mondsee

All our vehicles are kept in an elegant black and are of course fully equipped.
We test our vehicles constantly on safety, durability, comfort and function to offer a top service.

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